From invention to reality

Inventikus supports inventors during every step of the process, from conception to completion, and offers access to financing innovative ideas for start-ups.

What is Inventikus

In a constantly evolving world, innovation brings us together. Inventikus is a cluster of private Romanian companies and institutions that came together to create a safe space for people to innovate and bring their ideas to life.

We want to propel Romania into the technological avantgarde

From patenting, to design engineering, manufacturing, research and marketing, we are ready to support inventors and start-ups every step of the way.

A space designed for connecting inventors and start-ups with research and work teams. For people with new ideas, we provide the right environment where they can solve business and technology problems that private and public institutions face.

Education is at the core of innovation. We want to provide students of all ages with the necessary tools and knowledge to innovate and develop inventions that revolutionize our way of life.

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We are building an environment where technological inventions and innovations flourish

The more significant the impact of an invention on society, the greater the need for the right support system. Inventikus offers inventors and start-ups assistance throughout the whole process, from idea to reality by providing all types of financing on the market such as European funds, angel investors, venture capital, and more.

Validation of the Invention or Technological Innovation


Facilitating Acces to Financing

Business Plan

Production & Post-Production

Product Marketing

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