Inventikus Education Lab

Inventikus Education Lab is a training and technological skills development program that directs students to prepare for the jobs of the future.

The program is dedicated to young people who are passionate about technology, and who understand or want to understand its role in their lives and in their future. 

Participants in this program will be active members in a research and development project using virtually various theoretical tools throughout the module. 

Mentors and lecturers from the Inventikus Education Lab project support new generations through applied invention courses, completing formal education in schools and high schools. The program combines theoretical notions with practical ones such as electronic bases, 3D printing, and elements of industrial design.

We provide all necessary equipment (3D printers, teaching support) during the entire workshop and beyond.

Courses structure:

Week 1:

a. Introduction to applied electronics.

b. Use of measuring equipment.

Week 2:

a. Design techniques.

b. 3D design techniques.

Week 3:

a. 3D printing techniques.

b. Smart Pipe Assembly.

Week 4:

a. Product development.

b. Feedback.

Week 5:

Graduation festivity.


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