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Established in 1967, the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers has as its mission the development of a fertile environment for education, research, and innovation, key factors in the expansion of the knowledge-based economy. Specifically, the mission of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers is to empower high-quality scientific research, and to share knowledge through education in the domains of Computer Science, and Information Technologies, and Systems Engineering, as well as to offer a stimulating, high-level professional and social environment to the students and academic staff within the faculty.

The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers prepares engineers in the domains of “Systems Engineering” and “Computer Science and Information Technology”, based on modern curricula, where the theoretical aspects are combined with practical excellence. 

A part of the organizational structure of Romanian agricultural research, the Băneasa – Bucharest Fruit Growing Research and Development Station is a public institution with legal personality, which carries out its activity based on Law no. 290/2002, with subsequent amendments and additions, and Government Decision no. 1.180/2002 regarding the approval of the Statute of the “Gheorghe Ionescu Siseşti” Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences.

The station operates under the “Gheorghe Ionescu-Siseşti” Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences – the national scientific forum in the field of agriculture, veterinary medicine, food industry, forestry, and environmental protection and direct coordination of the Mărăcineni Research and Development Institute for Pomiculture, Argeş.

Marcom-Hub is a concept, a world, a universe, where four planets with different forms of expression meet: tech marketing, digital marketing, physical/hybrid events, and creative advertising production. Four motivated and synergistic teams will put you at the center of the Marcom-Hub universe:

Tech-Marketing (We add new interactive dimensions to your projects in the field of technology).

Digital Marketing (We develop the creative concept and deliver relevant messages in customized forms).

Physical, online & hybrid events (We produce and organize, from concept to implementation, corporate events for partners and internal teams). 

Creative advertising production (We design, produce, and deliver physical materials for marketing and communications, and HR projects).

Velocity Space is developing and launching experimental subsonic rockets to inspire and educate high school students about rocket science and space exploration. Our rockets are efficient and reliable, and we are proud to say that more than 80% of our components are built in-house. This allows us to maintain strict quality control and allows our team members to develop a wide range of skills, from mechanical engineering to electronics and programming.

Velocity Space believes that by providing hands-on experience and promoting STEM education, we can help build a brighter future for the next generation of scientists and engineers. We participate in most science fairs and expositions, sharing the beauty of aerospace engineering with the Romanian youth.