We are building an environment where technological inventions and innovations flourish. 

We know that the patenting process (national and international) is complicated, and the user experience with relevant institutions is not without a good deal of friction. Therefore we’re able and willing to assist individuals and interested entities in the following services:


Patentability evaluation; Formulation of intellectual property strategy; Documentary research on request.


Formulation of the patent application; Drafting of the patent application; Submission of documentation.


Patent portfolio monitoring; Hardware & software prototyping; Development and post-patent research.

Financial consulting

Preparation of the financing request; Preparation of technical project; Preparation of procurement files; Preparation of feasibility study; Preparation of business plan; Carrying out economic analyses; Preparation of market research; Preparation of the reimbursement payment request file.

Production & Post-Production

Concept study, Prototyping, Production, After-Sales, Maintenance.

Business Plan

Market research & Competitive analysis, Support for business plan preparation and strategy implementation, Budget estimation, Feasibility test, Support in attracting financing

Product Marketing

Marketing strategy for the product launch, in terms of design, price, distribution, promotion